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AIRMOD can detect abnormal sounds such as snoring, wheezing, which are medical signs associated with the following conditions: Asthma, COPD, pulmonary edema, and heart failure.


Once the sensor is attached to the patient, the device can start analyzing breath sounds. Through the real-time spectrogram and AI-enabled monitoring, the device can recognize whether patient is breathing normally or is having a narrowed airway. Healthcare professionals can provide immediate medical interventions in case of hypoxemia, apnea, or respiratory function deterioration.

Examples of Use Environment: non-intubated anesthesia, remote monitoring (isolation wards, ICU), continuous monitoring of respiratory rate during lung or heart surgeries, intravenous anesthesia.


patents: 10555717B2, 2020178924A1, 2019216420A1, following international patents: EP3687412A1 and WO2019067880A1. 


The monitor dashboard developed by Heroic-Faith can integrate and display the results of auscultation of 16~20 patients, serv- ing as an e-platform for health care personnel to hear and watch the breathing sounds remotely and instantaneously. Changes of the auscultation can be identified by retrospectively comparing the ongoing and recorded sounds, enabling early and adequate intervention and minimizing risk of cross-infection.  Download the open resource >>

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US Patent No. US10555717B2