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吳春福 先生目前擔任聿信醫療器材科技股份有限公司董事長兼聯合創始人,以及瑞信兒醫療基金會主席。他曾擔任 瑞軒科技股份有限公司 (AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.)總經理和 臺灣兒童健康聯盟聯合召集人。吳先生在國立臺灣大學政治系和國立中山大學社會科學跨學科研究所接受過良好的教育,因而出類拔萃。

Mr. Frank Wu presently holds the positions of Chairman and Co-founder at Heroic Faith Medical Science Co., Ltd., as well as President of the Raising Children Medical Foundation. With a notable background, he has served as the General Manager at AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. and Co-convenor of Child Health Alliance Taiwan. Mr. Wu is distinguished, backed by a robust education in the Department of Politics at National Taiwan University and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies for Social Sciences at National Sun Yat-sen University.

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