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AmTRAN technology Co., Ltd

成立於1994年的AmTRAN Technology,專注於LED LCD、智能和3D電視的製造。2009年在台灣製造業中排名第42位,2011年被《數位時代》雜誌評為亞洲頂尖100科技公司。特別是在2012年,在家電行業中獲得第一名的殊榮,自2017年以來一直被CRIF TAIWAN列為台灣TOP 5000大企業之一。此外,AmTRAN Technology還作為"台灣高薪100指數"的成員,截至2019年已連續六年保持卓越地位。

Established in 1994, AmTRAN Technology specializes in manufacturing LED LCD, smart, and 3D TVs. It ranked 42nd in Taiwan's manufacturing industry in 2009 and was recognized among the top 100 Asian tech companies by DigiTimes Magazine in 2011. Notably, it secured first place in the home appliance industry in 2012 and has consistently been listed among the TOP 5000 large enterprises in Taiwan by CRIF TAIWAN since 2017.

AmTRAN Technology also holds a prominent position as a member of the "Taiwan High Salary 100 Index," maintaining this status for six consecutive years as of 2019.

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