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謝忠高博士畢業於台灣大學機械工程系,後獲得史丹佛大學電機工程博士學位。他目前擔任Monte Jade West Science and Technology Association副會長、AAMA (Asia America Multi-technology Association)成員,並擔任AAMA Taipei Cradle Project講師。謝博士是台灣玉山科技協會的共同創辦人,並在 InveStar Capital Inc.、Silicon Valley Partnership、Harbinger Venture Capital、H&Q Asia Pacific Ltd.(副總裁)、Optoma Corporation(全球總經理)以及Coretronic Corporation(首席策略官)等公司擁有豐富經歷。以優秀的學歷和多元領導經歷,謝博士在科技和投資領域備受矚目。

Hsieh Chung-Kao, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, is the Vice President of Monte Jade West Science and Technology Association, AAMA Asia America Multi-technology Association, and an Instructor for AAMA Taipei Cradle Project. He co-founded Taiwan Monte Jade Science and Technology Association and has a wealth of experience, including roles at InveStar Capital Inc., Harbinger Venture Capital, H&Q Asia Pacific Ltd. (Vice President), Optoma Corporation (Global General Manager), and Coretronic Corporation (Chief Strategy Officer). With a strong educational background and diverse leadership roles, Mr. Hsieh is a prominent figure in the technology and investment sectors.

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