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Representative of the National Development Fund

瞿志豪 先生

瞿志豪先生,ITIC首席執行官,管理超過6億美元資產的風險投資公司。同時擔任台灣政府科技顧問委員會生命科學副主席,參與政府倡議。職涯包括Acorn Campus Taiwan總夥伴,並於1998年共同創辦GigaMedia,引領2000年價值45億美元的首次公開募股。自2004年擔任GigaMedia執行副總裁,負責戰略、業務發展、併購和企業管理。2017-2019年,瞿先生擔任台灣生物醫學發展委員會首席創新官,推動生命科學創業。在半導體、生物科技、雲端運算、硬件和醫療器械等領域有豐富專業知識。他更是一位活躍的天使投資人,具20年以上指導、建設和加速創業團隊的經驗。現任國立臺灣大學兼職教授,授課多邊平台、醫療器械生物設計、創業、團隊動力學和領導力。

Mr. Qu Chih-Hao, the CEO of ITIC, leads a venture capital firm managing assets exceeding $600 million. Concurrently, he holds the position of Vice Chair of Life Sciences at the Science and Technology Advisory Committee of the Taiwan government, actively participating in governmental initiatives. With a distinguished career, Mr. Qu served as a General Partner at Acorn Campus Taiwan and co-founded GigaMedia in 1998, guiding the company through a groundbreaking $4.5 billion IPO in 2000. Since 2004, he has been the Executive Vice President at GigaMedia, overseeing strategic planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and overall corporate management. From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Qu served as the Chief Innovation Officer of Taiwan's Biomedical Development Board, driving entrepreneurship in life sciences. Leveraging extensive expertise in semiconductor, biotech, cloud computing, hardware, and medical devices, he is an active angel investor with over 20 years of experience coaching, building, and accelerating entrepreneurial teams. Currently, Mr. Qu is an adjunct professor at National Taiwan University, teaching courses on Multi-sided Platforms, BioDesign for Medical Devices, Entrepreneurship, Group Dynamics, and Leadership.

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