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As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for remote monitoring and evaluating respiratory function, Heroic-Faith has been able to collect over 500,000 breath sounds from multiple medical centers in Taiwan for labeling and analysis over the last 6-month period. This is as they maintain focus on constantly improving the AI continuous respiratory monitoring and expanding the AI-oriented assisted application.

Heroic-Faith has developed a mobile application that can function on a stand-alone machine, which can be used for respiratory monitoring in the areas of anesthesia, apnea alert, intensive care units, isolation wards, and even continuous breath monitoring at home. 

Our product-Airmod can detect abnormal sounds such as snoring, wheezing, which are medical signs associated with the following conditions: Asthma, COPD, pulmonary edema, and heart failure.

Examples of Use Environment: non-intubated anesthesia, remote monitoring (isolation wards, ICU), continuous monitoring of respiratory rate during lung or heart surgeries, intravenous anesthesia.

COVID Solution



We believe that the healthcare solution in the digital era should be based on humanity. While new technology facilitates our life in so many other ways, it is time for us to develop a trustworthy companion to empower the medical devices in the healthcare future.



Patient information security

We focus on protecting the patient information by applying the edge computing as well as passes the TFDA verification in Taiwan.

AI Sound Analysis

From data labeling to data set preparation, from preprocessing to deep learning, and from post-processing to label merging, the algorithm is developing in a strict experiment.

Diagnosing Clinician Data

Through the real-time spectrogram and AI-enabled monitoring, the device can recognize whether the patient is breathing normally



Frank Wu

Director of Cardiac Children’s Foundation Taiwan, Child Health Alliance Taiwan, and NTU Children’s Health Foundation.

Dr. Fu-Shun Hsu

Chief Resident at the Department of Medicine at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

Tina Lai
Clinical Director

Anesthesiologist MD  HF Clinical  Department Former Chief of  anesthesiology  department

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