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Quantitative Wheeze Severity for Evaluating Treatment Response in Asthma.jpg
Improvement on Crackle Severity in a Patient with Lung Edema after Hemodialysis.jpg
Breathing Sound Segmentation and Detection Using Transfer Learning Techniques on an Attent
Improved Tracheal Sound Analysis by Transfer Learning from a Lung Sound Model.jpg
A Wavelet Transform-based Denoising Algorithm for Breathing Sound Detection.jpg
Earlier Detection of Respiratory Depression by Using a Tracheal Sound Monitor.jpg
Development of a Respiratory Sound Labeling Software for Training a Deep Learning-Based Re
Tracheal Sound Monitor Works During the Downtime of Capnography A Case Report.jpg
Tracheal Sound Monitoring in Dental Treatments With Sedation An Expert Opinion.jpg
How Does a Respiratory Sound Monitor Fits in Non-Intubated Intravenous Sedation Results of
待核可-A Dual-Purpose Deep Learning Model for Auscultated Lung and Tracheal Sound Analysis Ba
待核可-Multi-path Convolutional Neural Networks Efficiently Improve Feature Extraction in Con
待核可-Earlier Detection of Gas Leakage of a Laryngeal Mask Airway by a Tracheal Sound Monito
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